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2002 S&H Torino Reunions

S&H Torinos at Autofest

The Reunion to End All Reunions!
At least for the year 2002, that is.
SIX S&H Torinos (and their owners)
got together for the Third Annual
S&H Torino Reunion at Autofest
in Evansville, Indiana in September.
More Pictures and Info will be added later!


Irish S&H Torinos

On our way home from Autofest,
Penny and I met Vince O.
in my old home town in Illinois!
You can be sure our Irish Eyes
were Smilin' as we cruised
and took photos together!


S&H Torinos in England

Kevin C. and Paul S. met at
the Cricketer's Arms in England,
a regular meeting place
for Classic Cars, and
they don't come any more
Classic than these!


S&H Torinos in England

Not wanting to miss any
Pauls with S&H Torinos,

Kevin C.
also met another Paul
somewhere in England!
Just how many S&H Torinos
are there in England, you ask?
Take a Look at them All!


S&H Torinos

Jim W. and Brian Z.
met in Streator, Illinois, at the
Roamer Cruise & Car Show,
Saturday, August 31.

S&H Torinos

Steve B., Brent W., and Penny & I
(Right to Left in Photo)
met at the Third Annual
S&H Gran Torino Reunion at the
Carlisle All-Ford Nationals on June 1.
Other S&H Torino Owners were there
without their cars, like
Kit S., Russ S.,
Jim W. who supplied this photo!


S&H Torinos

Much to their surprise,
Russ S. and Bonita F.
met in Syracuse, New York
on Sunday, June 9.
Neither of them knew the other
was coming, and they met
at the show for the first time!


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