O'Day Drums presents Groove Therapy
14-Track Drum Play Along CD

Groove Therapy is a drum play along that will allow you to play creatively while learning the nuances of groove, tempo, and musicality. Suited for all skill levels from beginner to professional, Groove Therapy includes styles ranging from rock, funk, Latin, to jazz, and everything in between. If you are serious about drums (or just want to have fun), Groove Therapy is for you!

Groove Therapy CD Contents







  Motown   Eighth note R&B groove


  B-Funk   Driving rock / funk groove (See Video of Track 2)


  Ruby Baby (Leiber/Stoller)   Triplet shuffle groove (See Video of Track 3)


  Marcus   Moody slap bass tribute to Mr. Miller (See Video of Track 4)


  Loop Groove   Get creative! Loop drops out at :50 - comes back in at 2:17


  Boogaloo*   Try different beats with this old-school groove


  Bossa   Give the Bossa Nova practice with brushes and/or shakers


  Samba*   Try not to play this authentic-feeling samba too heavy


  But Beautiful (Jimmy Van Heusen)   Perfect your brush work on this standard ballad


  Emily (J. Mandel)   Same idea, but in 3/4 time with a waltz feel


  Medium Swing*   2 feel at the beginning, then a walk until the 2 feel at the end


  Stella by Starlight (Victor Young - ASCAP)   2 feel in the beginning again, practice going from brushes to sticks


  Green Dolphin Street (Kaeper)   Goes from Bossa Nova to swing many times - make the conversions comfortable


  Cherokee (Ray Noble - ASCAP)   Medium swing that goes double time - try to feel the double time in half notes
Musicians: Tony Axtell electric bass, keyboards, programming; Gordy Johnson upright bass; Chris Lomheim piano.
All songs by O'Day / Axtell except * by O'Day / Axtell / Johnson or where otherwise indicated. ©2003 O'Day Productions


Mark O'Day drum solo after Groove Therapy
demonstration in Wisconsin Rapids, 2006
(Time 4:51)

Mark O'Day drum solo prior to Groove Therapy
demonstration in Wisconsin Rapids, 2006
(Time 8:53)


Groove Therapy Track 2 is a driving rock/funk groove
titled, "B-Funk."
(Time 2:43)

Groove Therapy Track 3 is a triplet shuffle groove
titled, "Ruby Baby."
(Time 2:41)



Groove Therapy Track 4 is a moody slap bass
tribute to Marcus Miller
(Time 4:01)


Mark O'Day plays Boom Alley drums

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